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123Movies Gostream.site Review . Is 123 Movies Site Safe and Legal? Best Alternatives


123moviesIt is no surprise that when you go to most homes today, you’ll find that cables have been done away with. People are rather opting to stream websites and watch streamed movies and TV shows. When you go online, you will find so many sites that offer free movies. Some live up to their offers and provide their users with high quality free movies and series. Others, only provide harmful malware and advertisements, in the name of offering free movie services. Among the many popular websites that people turn to for streaming movies, is the 123Movies site.

123Movies site is very popular for its wide collection of movies and series. A person no longer needs to go to the movie theatres to watch their favorite movies and series. With 123Movies, they can just stream their favorite movies or the recently released movies and series. This is because 123Movies contain almost every collection of movies and series that has been released.

However, one big question arises; is watching movies and series on 123Movies really safe and legal? This article provides a well researched review of the 123Movies sites. Read along to find out if you should consider using 123Movies as your streaming site, and the available best alternative sites for streaming movies/series. However, before venturing into the safety and legality of 123Movies, let’s get a deeper understanding of what 123Movies is and why it is so popular.


What is 123Movies?

Simply put, 123Movies is a website used for online streaming movies and series that have been pirated. It enables the streaming of movies and series from all over the world. 123Movies is not just the only video streaming website of its kind; there are many other sites that also allow users to stream pirated movies. 123Movies is just a part of a large network of other similar streaming sites.

123Movies was initially launched in 2015. It changed its name recently to GoMovies. The changing of their domain name led to a change in the domain address as well. The original domain name was 123Movies.to. This domain name was later replaced with 123Movies.is. This replacement does not work today, with the current domain name now being GoStream.site. 123Movies has other dozen domain names such as Gomovies123, movies124.email, 123movies4u, among others.

This website offers its users a wide range of movie collections, including new releases that have just been recently released to the film theaters. The site is designed to display a catalog of titles, for easier navigation, searching and selection of movies. A person is not required to create an account or login when using the Gomovies website. Rather, upon accessing the website, one can just click on the title of the movie or series that they wish to watch. The clicked video will then start streaming on the device. The other notable advantage about the 123Movies, also known as the GoMovies, is that there is not a set limit on the number of movies that you can watch per day.

There are various ways in which 123Movie users can search for movies. They can look for movies under the displayed catalog of genres and category. Alternatively, a user can decide to filter the movies, depending on aspects such as the movies’ ratings on IMDB, their alphabetical order, the date that they were added, among other suchlike aspects. If you are not decided on what to watch, the homepage contains a list of the available movies and series that you can also choose from and watch.

123Movies is a very popular websites, recording peaks of more than 100 million users. The availability of a large variety of movies and series is what has made 123Movies a popular video streaming site. The other reason following the sites high popularity is that accessing the movies and series is quite a simple process. All you have to do is open the site, click on a movie title, and it will start playing immediately on your computer or smartphone.

There are other established clones and mirror websites for 123Movies. Despite the fact that these sites provide similar movie options as does 123Movies, the video qualities tend to be quite disappointing. 123Movies is known for its providing high quality videos, of the full HD quality as well as the 4k compatibility. The clones and mirrors, however, offer only the CAM or 720p quality at maximum. Furthermore, these clone sites include very many advertisements, videos that do not stream, links that lead to harmful malware, among many other inconveniences. Due to such experiences with 123Movies clone and mirror sites, some people opt to try out other sites that can be used alternatively to 123Movies.


Is 123Movies Legal?

Most of the Western continents have a set law against the displaying of pirated content or any other content that has not been obtained in legal ways. With the 123Movies, these sites do not operate in such countries with the set laws. The GoMovies sites usually run in those countries that lack any set laws against pirating and copyright.

GoMovies also operates in some countries where laws against piracy and copyright have been put in place. They manage to keep running in such countries by using tricks that subvert these laws. Rather than host the pirated movies and series on their site, the 123Movies site provides links to the pirated movies and series. Therefore, when a person clicks on any movie or series on the 123Movies site, the videos are streamed from secured cyber lockers or from other online sources.

It is clearly evident that the 123Movies is rendered as being illegal in the United States. This is because they host pirated content in their website; content that they have not purchased any licenses for. Even when they do not host the movies and series themselves, the providing of links that they alternatively do is subverting of the law and is very illegal. The fact that 123Movies is an illegal website is the reason as to why the site is always been followed by the authorities, forcing the website to keep on changing its hosting providers and domain names so frequently.

To further prove the illegality of the 123Movies, at times users are prompted to enter their credit card details. These prompts usually come in the form of pop-up messages and show that there includes conmen in these sites, who try to steal the users’ personal and financial data.

So, now that you know that 123Movies is illegal, it is up to you to choose whether you will continue streaming movies using this site or not. Using 123Movies to stream movies and series for your own entertainment, might not get you personally sued. It, however, can lead to your being send to jail when used for commercial purposes. And, worse still, it can expose you to a greater risk than getting sued and jailed, that is, infection with malware and harmful computer viruses, as discussed in the subtopic below.


Is 123Movies Safe?

The answer to that question is a very firm NO. It is not safe at all to stream and watch movies in 123Movies site. Research reports and statistics taken reveal that the 123Movies site has many associated harmful malware and viruses. These viruses and harmful malware are not only present on the online website, but on the GoMovies mobile app as well.

As discussed above, there are also dozens of 123Movies clone sites and mirror sites. These sites also carry harmful malware and viruses that are distributed to your computer or any device that you use to stream the movies and series. The malware is sent via JavaScript of the online site or via the advertisements that open when movie links are clicked.

123Movies offer millions of advertisements in their websites. These advertisements are usually of low quality and cannot be trusted. They are what earns the website’s money. Such advertisements are prone to ‘malvertising’ by hackers. This is the process whereby hackers use advertisements to install viruses and malicious codes to the computers and devices of the website users. Therefore, the harmful malware and viruses may not directly come from the 123Movies itself. Actually, the owners of 123Movies may not even be aware of harmful malware being distributed from their site, since advertisements can be hacked and used to direct innocent users to malicious sites.

Therefore, if you care for your computer and wish to have it protected from harmful malware, it is important that you opt out of using 123Movies or (GoMovies site). However, if you still choose to go on using the site, then you should ensure that your computer or smartphone or tablet has an already installed protection system of a high quality anti-virus program as well as a firewall.


What Happened to the Original 123Movies Streaming Site?

GostreamThe original 123Movies was changed to the current GoMovies site. It was closed by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The shutting down of the 123Movies happened on March 2018, and the effect was felt all over the world following the high number of addicted users of the site.

In order to shut down the 123Movies, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) had the help of Vietnam officials. However, despite the fact that the original website was shut down, there still appeared several other websites, which appear even to date. It is quite difficult to differentiate between these clone/mirror websites with the original 123Movies site. After all, the original site keeps changing its domain from time to time, making it hard to keep up with the original site.

The more the 123Movie sites are shut down, the more new ones are created. Most of these newly created sites are known to carry harmful malware that infect devices with viruses. These clone and mirror sites are also just as illegal as the original 123Movies site.


Best Free Alternatives to 123 Movies

There is good news! You can still find several websites that allow you to stream your favorite movies and series, for free and with no associated security risks whatsoever. Well, there’s a catch; such favourable websites may lack the most recently released movies and TV shows. It is true that they may offer lesser varieties of movie collections, as compared to 123Movies. However, isn’t security and your not getting into trouble worthier than your accessing all movies and risking both your security and the security of your computer?

In addition to the safe streaming sites that offer streaming services for free, there are other legal websites for streaming that charge small fees. Just like the other free alternatives for 123Movies, such websites offer secure streaming services with no risks of associated malware and malicious codes.

The following are 10 best free alternatives that you can consider using in place of 123Movies ( or GoMovies);


1.) Putlocker

PutlockerThe Putlocker streaming site is very similar to the 123Movies site. First, just like 123Movies, Putlocker has a color scheme of green and gray colors as well as a minimalist designing style. The main advantage about the Putlocker website is that it lacks too many ads, which serve to carry harmful malware as well as make the streaming experience quite boring.

The Putlocker online streaming site also contains a wide range of movie collections. No subscription fees or charges are associated with this site. All you have to do is click your movie or series and you can watch from whichever corner of the world you are at. The homepage of Putlocker site displays a search bar located at the very center. This ensures ease of finding movies and series to watch using this streaming site.


2.) GoStream

Gostream moviesWhat gives this site an added advantage over 123Movies streaming sites is that it contains no ads whatsoever. A person can, therefore, stream and watch movies using GoStream comfortably without any pop-ups of distraction ads.

Although GoStream contains links that when clicked direct a user to sponsored sites, such links can be easily avoided. Actually, a person does not even need to have an installed ad-block so as to avoid such links. The fact that this site lacks ads also means a safer online streaming site.

GoStream also contains all sorts of movies and TV shows, from the recently released to the childhood classics. You just have to browse your favorite movie title using the search title, or search for something to watch from the movie category, which is regularly updated.


3.) Vumoo

VumooWhen you open the Vumoo site, you will be met by a very simple homepage. Let this not deceive you, however, as Vumoo offers very large movie collections from all over the world. This site is among the most leading online streaming sites in the wold. What attracts most people to this site is the availability of the many movie collections as well as the reliability of the site.

The reliability of Vumoo is clearly evident when playing the movies. When a movie is clicked, a user does not experience long buffering sessions nor regular interruptions. Rather, the movies start to play immediately they are clicked upon. Furthermore, the site is fast by itself and can load just as fast even on mobile devices and tablets


4.) Yesmovies

YesmoviesAs the name suggests, Yesmovies site will always leave you saying “Yes” to every movie. This is because this site provides such a good experience to users such that they will always want to come back for more movies, in other words, always say “Yes” to other movies. Yesmovies offers users the opportunity to give movies and series ratings. These ratings are put on the display, at the front page. This helps new users and people who haven’t watched the rated movies or series, to always determine which videos are worth streaming and which ones are not worth watching.

Another advantage about the Yesmovies site is that most of the movies and series are in HD qualities. However, you can at times encounter content that has a CAM or SD quality. This site does not really do hosting of content on it’s servers. Rather, the content is usually from other varying sources.


5.) SolarMovies

SolarMoviesSolarMovies holds the position for the best designed online streaming site. Actually, a person may confuse this site for a premium site, due to its well polished design. SolarMovies is an entirely free online streaming site. It doesn’t even call for simple registrations or log-ins.

All a user is required to do is enter the movie title, then click on the thumbnail. When a person clicks play, the movie will begin playing immediately. The homepage of this site consists of several movie options. Each displayed movie shows a short synopsis, the IMDB rating, its length as well as any other necessary information which can help users to determine the kind of movie that they will be watching. Furthermore, SolarMovies keeps a record of what a user watches, and uses it to suggest for the user similar content movies. Indeed, this is just the best alternative streaming site for 123Movies.


6.) FMovies

FMoviesFMovies was launched quite a while back. It has, therefore earned its respect overtime, as a trustworthy online streaming site. Actually, it is the most respected of all online streaming sites that exist. FMovies displays movies that have been released since 2009. It also provides the latest movie releases in very good HD qualities.

The most notable advantage about FMovies is that a user can use keyboard shortcuts to control the movie player. For instance, pressing the space bar of the keyboard would pause a movie, pressing the F key on the keyboard would play or exit a movie, and if a user presses the J key then the movie would rewind for 60 seconds so as to repeat a scene that played a minute ago. Such is very convenient of this site.


7.) GOmovies

GostreamIn order to watch movies and series in GOmovies, no registration or subscription fees are required. This online streaming site offers a large collection of all genres of movies. There is, however, an option for registration for those who would prefer. Registration helps a user to make requests for addition of content to the GOmovies site.

GOmovies display the best rated movies and series on IMDB. You can access these movies by sorting out the content and setting it to display according to the IMDB ratings. The site displays the 100 best rated movies and series. This kind of sorting can help to provide you with the best movie experience, even when you don’t know what to watch specifically.


8.) Popcornflix

PopcornflixPopcornflix is an online site designed for streaming of mainly viral videos. This online site would be best suited for those people who yearn for some sort of entertainment but lack time to sit and watch even one TV show. The video entertainment content displayed on Popcornflix is usually updated daily. Every video genre can be found in the Popcornflix content. The good thing about this site is that it consists of a specific category for new video releases. This makes it easy for one to find and stream new video releases.


9.) WatchFree

WatchFreeWatchFree online streaming site is not as popular as other online streaming sites. This, however, does not mean that it is ineffective. Rather, just like the other streaming sites, WatchFree site offers a large collection of movies of all genres. More so, it is a very fast site and loads movies very fast as well.

WatchFree offers streaming of even the most recently released movies. Sometimes, these recent movies appear on WatchFree streaming site, even before they are included in other streaming sites. This shows just how serious and organized the owners of the WatchFree site are.

The only negative thing about the WatchFree online streaming site is that it keeps displaying a pop-up window each time a movie is clicked. This pop-up window can be quite annoying and distractive. The good thing, however, is that you can simply install a pop-up blocker and you won’t have to deal with the annoying pop-up ever again.


10.) Primewire

PrimewirePrimewire online streaming site is loved by people due to the fact that it still uses it original design and hasn’t changed the design for quite some years now. It also contains a lot of entertainment content, of different genres. It even includes playlists that feature all content from space movies to Western videos. It offers its users the opportunity to create their own playlists, which can be shared amongst friends. However, this online site still requires some more redesigning.



123Movies site has its advantages. However, as seen in this article, this streaming site carries more disadvantages and associated risks that surpass the advantages. On a good note, there are many available alternatives to 123Movies. You can consider using the 10 alternatives mentioned above when 123movies fail, or when you wish to avoid unnecessary risks. You can trust that the above sites will never disappoint; they will always offer movie experiences that are far much better than those offered by 123Movies!

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